Saito Gains Guinness World Record
as Oldest Solo Non-stop Circumnavigator

And for the Next Guinness Recognition...

Our Saito Challenge Challenge 8 organization is discussing with Guinness World Records the possibility of arranging for official observers to be on hand at the start and finish of the 2008/9 circumnavigation.

However, since it is not a race, feat, or similar “timed event” that requires official witnesses — as in the case of many Guinness World Records — the need for official Guinness World Records presence, though welcome, is not mandatory.


Widely recognized guidelines for solo and unassisted, non-stop sailing will be carefully followed. These include official port departure and re-entry documentation, no stop-overs for any reason, and no acceptance of food, water, repair parts or any other physical outside assistance once the non-stop voyage has commenced.

At left is the entry as it appears in the 2007 edition of the Guinness World Records book, page 80.