A group of Kilimanjaro porters gathered.


Ethical Treatment of Kilimanjaro Porters

For a group of 10 climbers, we typically have a crew of 55 or more porters. Why do we need this many crew members to support our Kili climbs? Not only do they carry all of the group gear (tents, food, safety equipment, climbers’ personal gear, etc.), they are the backbone of all the operations that create an unforgettable journey. Alongside our 3 camp crew, 2 assistant chefs, head chef, assistant guide, head guide, assistant Trip Leader, and Trip Leader, the porters are the heart of these trips. We are proud to promote the ethical and fair treatment of porters for the Kilimanjaro climb and all of our programs worldwide. Many of our standards regarding salaries, training, and overall welfare of porters have been adopted by the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP, which monitors standards for porter wages, load weight limits, medical care, and appropriate attire) as their example of ideal industry standards.


We were very impressed by the quality of the crew on the Kili climb. All were friendly, supportive, and encouraging, and clearly better organized than other groups we saw on the mountain. Our camp cooks were amazing.

A group of happy Kilimanjaro porters.

Porter support is the single most expensive item for a company, and justifiably so, as it is essential to take good care of this indispensable team! We provide hearty and well-balanced meals to keep our porters strong and energized throughout the climb, we make sure they are properly attired before climbing (with suitable shoes and clothing), provide weather proof shelter, cooking gas, and transportation to and from the mountain. Our porter loads follow KPAP guidelines and are limited to 42 pounds per porter (you’ll often see porters weighing their bags on the way out of camp). We provide full medical coverage and workman’s compensation to all of our staff.

After each climb, we encourage trip members to donate clothing and equipment to the porters that will otherwise go unused. If you are interested in donating items, your Trip Leader will help you with this process for equitable distribution.

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