A group of hikers climbing steps on the Inca Trail.


The Best Time to Hike the Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is a year-round destination except for the rainiest months of January and February, when its route is closed for repairs.

Temperatures in the Cusco-Machu Picchu region range from the high 60s in the daytime to the low 40s at night, with some variation depending on the time of year you go.

Peru weather chart.

January to March

The Inca Trail is closed for repairs from January to February, during the height of the rainy season. It often is still difficult to navigate in March, however, WT’s private departures are possible during seasons that see less rainfall.


As the rains subside, the Andes and Sacred Valley are lush and still relatively quiet making it a perfect time to visit before the high-season crowds start arriving. Seeing Machu Picchu against a backdrop of bright green is a spectacular sight, as are landscapes dotted with colorful orchid blooms.


The start of peak season is sunny, dry, and still relatively quiet, making for a great time to hit the trail. This month is also when the Amazon rainforest starts drying out, and its changing conditions create great wildlife-spotting opportunities—add on WT’s four-day Amazon Rainforest Extension to your Andean adventure.

A pack of llamas.
An aerial view of Inca ruins.


The height of Peru’s winter season means ideal hiking conditions, which is why WT schedules multiple departures this month. There’s very little chance of rainfall, clear blue skies, and continuing daytime temperatures in the high 60s. Nights can get chilly, averaging the high 30s, so pack accordingly.


Just like June, expect ideal weather in the Andes, with dry, sunny days and crisp, cool nights, that make for perfect days on the trail and nights at our world-class campsites. Our ultimate hiking adventures along the Inca Trail, which we pace at five days (instead of the standard four allotted by other companies), ensure we still come across few crowds during this more popular time.


Because August sees perfect conditions from the Andes to the Amazon, many WT travelers combine the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu hiking tour or Private Journey with our four-day extension in a private ecological reserve adjacent to Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve.

A group of hikers smiling.
A group of people hiking the Inca Trail.


It’s springtime in the Andes! The approaching end of the dry season means that crowds are down, even while temperatures rise a few degrees and days remain sunny and bright.


Similar to September, the shoulder season sees a welcome combination of pleasant weather with fewer crowds. While there’s a higher chance of rain, many WT travelers find that this quieter month is their favorite time to visit.


The start of the rainy season is often later than many travelers think, which is why WT extends our group departures to this month. The highlands of Peru are a temperate desert, which results in stretches of no rainfall even at the height of the season, so expect warm days with the potential for occasional showers and far fewer people on the trail.


For hikers who don’t mind a higher chance of rain if it means having the Inca Trail to themselves, this month is for you. Join our Private Journey, which comes with a personal guide and our full-service camping support, to have an even more intimate experience.

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