WT Toucan Club: Gifts, Gear & Discounts

We are very proud to have one of the highest rates of repeat travel in the business, and we strive to make joining a trip—and communicating with us—as easy and enjoyable as possible. We have established the Wilderness Travel Toucan Club to thank you for your loyalty. Here’s how it works:

Your First Trip

As a first time traveler, you receive a lightweight Wilderness Travel T-shirt and set of durable WT Luggage Tags.

On subsequent trips, we’re happy to send you a new WT T-shirt and set of Luggage Tags by request.

Your Second Trip

A top quality Wilderness Travel insulated stainless steel water bottle by CamelBak and a cozy Wilderness Travel fleece vest by Patagonia ($130 value).

Your Third Trip

A versatile Wilderness Travel R-1 pullover by Patagonia ($140 value).

Your Fourth Trip

Discounts on the cost of your trip begin! You receive a 4% discount on the base trip cost.

Five and More Trips

You receive a 5% discount on the base trip cost. On your sixth trip, you receive a 6% discount, and so on up to your 10th trip. The maximum discount is 10%, with a ceiling of $500.

Note: Due to special pricing considerations, Toucan Club discounts do not apply to our Private Journeys or Special Events. However, your participation on these trips does count toward your Toucan discount on future departures of Wilderness Travel’s regular adventures.

Terms & Conditions

Toucan Club travel discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, unless otherwise specified. Discounts are deducted from the base trip cost and shown on the final invoice. The base trip cost is the main land/tier cost and does not include single supplement fees, extensions, internal airfare, or other additional charges. Bonus gifts (T-shirts, luggage tags, vests, water bottles, and pullovers) will be mailed approximately three weeks prior to trip departure. Terms and conditions of Toucan Club bonuses are subject to change or cancellation at the discretion of Wilderness Travel, Inc.